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Both of my parents were blue collar workers with five children so I know how hard you work for your money and I do not waste it or charge outrageous fees like some big law firms.   I am very competent, compassionate, and efficient.

I have been practicing in Iowa since 2007.   I can help you with any divorce, custody, criminal or general law questions. I obtained my Mediation certificate in 2010 and have mediated over 35 cases.

I say this bluntly: I know the law and I know what the court expects of you and me. However, I do not make the decisions, the Court does.

These are a few of the things I tell my clients:

Nobody gets married to get divorced, but they also don’t get married to be miserable.

We do not wake up one morning and say, “I want to be charged with a crime.”

We have one life to live.

No question is stupid. No question of yours will ever be ignored.

I am here to help you with a difficult time in your life and I do not take that lightly. We all have difficult times in our lives and for me, I always appreciate a non-judgmental person to help me and talk to me.

Your first consultation is free.

Fill out this form to request your initial consultation.  If we speak and I do not have the answers  you need, I will send you into a direction which won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

I look forward to working with you.

Angela Kayl, Attorney at Law